Time-tested transportation safety!

Strategic Goals

100% Achieved Goals.png

100% Achieved Goals

Of transportation services, following the strategy of the State Atomic Energy Corporation“Rosatom”, with guaranteed level of safety and security.

Experience Exchange.png

Experience Exchange

For implementation of Automatic Tracking System of Security Transportation to develop the quality of services and international cooperation.

Economic Efficiency.png

Economic Efficiency

To increase profits, optimize expenses and realize the economic self-sufficiency strategy of transportation of radioactive materials.

New business and services.png

New business and services

For continuous improvement of processes that are used to ensure competitive preferences on global markets, creating of effective logistic solutions and diversification.



For effective management system & fast data exchange to allow information being easily shared and accessed between partners without delays, including further development of E-business and Safe Virtual Logistic e-Platform.

Social & Environment Protection.png

Social & Environment Protection

To organize safe transportation for the radioactive materials within Russian territory and abroad, in accordance with social interests, especially during pandemic period and new risks.